While we specialize in drone videography in the WNY and Buffalo area, our services extend far beyond New York. We create engaging video content if you’re looking for a new way to create truly unique video and photo content for your business. With our knowledge of drone capabilities, videography, and editing, the sky is no longer the limit!

Enhance Your Brand

Many companies are unaware of the possibilities that are present with drone videos. With appropriate aerial photos and creative videos, an array of businesses and brands can reap the benefits of drone art. Drone Buffalo is one of the only insured and FAA recognized drone companies in the WNY area. Let us help you take your brand to a whole new height:

  • Real Estate: Take your listings to the next level – literally! You can showcase the property as well as the neighborhood and location from an aerial perspective.
  • Business Owners: Tell your story, give a tour of your facility, or simply promote your products with interactive and engaging aerial video.
  • Event Promotion: Sporting events have a lot to gain from overhead perspectives, and covering the action from a variety of angles can be expensive, unsafe, or simply unrealistic. Redefine the ambiance of a large party or enhance the aura of a nightclub with video promotion.
  • Reporting: News outlets and media reporters can get an up-close, unrestricted view of the action without having to shuffle through the crowds or fight against the barriers.
  • Weddings: Capture the moment forever — we provide the opportunity for breathtaking aerial photos of your special day!

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